We are happy to offer both group and individual classes based on your personal needs! Some of our clients just want to brush up on their technique which is great. Others want a whole makeup bag overhaul. We can do that too! Learn more about what we offer below.

Image by Allen Tsai Photography

Image by Allen Tsai Photography

Group Lessons - $50 per person (minimum of 4 people)

For group lessons, we have everyone bring in their makeup bags and we go through a full face step by step. We will discuss what products are working in your bags and which are not. These classes can be focused on a specific look of your choosing!

Individual lessons - $150

Much like the group lessons, we will go through a full face step by step. We will talk about what products you currently use that are working and which ones are not. You can choose what look or area we focus on for this class!

Beauty Concierge Service - $250

Before this class, we have you fill out a questionnaire explaining how much time you have to get ready, which of your features you like the best and how much of a budget you have for new products etc. Then, we take an extremely thorough dive into your daily makeup routine and make any adjustments we need to. Meg will go personal shopping for any new products you may need and return to do a full makeup lesson with all of your new goodies!